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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tradkarl-Red Box Games

The painting table is full of figures from Red Box Games at the moment and I am working through them, albeit slowly.

This is Tradkarl, sculpted by Tre Manor.  He's a hefty fellow, standing at 35mm.

He has loads of character and was a real pleasure to paint.

My next two projects involve painting females, something I tend to avoid as they are more difficult. However, they do present more opportunities for playing with colour and experimenting with skin tones.


  1. Replies
    1. ooh, is Philie back? Haven't seen him in ages, miss him so much!

  2. Another impressive figure. Again with the perfect textiles!

  3. he does look like he would take out a lute and start plucking the strings :) Lovely shading as always. Is that poop behind his right foot? :)) What do you think he is carrying in that bag? Some mead? Some stolen golden coins? Some demon powder?

    1. Poop? No dahlink, that is a stone. Mayhaps I should be more careful about where I place them next time :)

      This guy is packing some mead. Look at the size of that belly!

    2. and do you buy those lil' flowers that you put on the base already made or do you make them yourself?

      Congrats once more on the new gig! 'tis ever so exciting! You will be earning milliuns in no time, dear :) I'm thinking your own painting atelier and painting things for monies in the future :)

    3. I buy those little flowers. There's no way I could do something that tiny myself.

      Eventually I'll be able to earn decent monies at this. Everything I've painted this year has either already been sold or will be sold. After I do this studio work, I'll be able to charge more for my figures. Top monies is $100.00 an hour. I've a loooong ways to go to reach that number.

    4. that is about half of what most people earn here a month :) so methinks you'll be fine with it :)

  4. That is some fantastic brushwork Anne, bright and vibrant!