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Monday, August 22, 2016

WIP Blance from Hasslefree

I'm painting this figure for a friend to be used in Frostgrave as a Necromancer, hence the choice of skin tone.  The skin tone was created from a mix of Reaper Dusky Skin, Reaper Rosy Skin and Citadel Liche Purple.

Thus far only the first layers of shadow and highlight have been applied.

Blanche is from Hasslefree, stands at 35mm and was sculpted by Kev White.

One more painting session then she will be based.  Following that I will take a test photo in order to make final corrections.


  1. Now, that's the prettiest necromancer I have ver seen :)

  2. great job, Annzie, I see you enjoyed playing with colours! I must admit I can't for the life of me grasp her heels :)

    1. Aaaah the shoes. They are signature shoes by an illustrator last name Blanche. So there is a reason for them.

      Ya, I'm having fun with purple and green. I'll be going back to subdued palettes on the next group of figures.

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    3. Just dropping over to wish you the happiest of birthdays, deary, is it the 35th one?

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