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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Black Scorpion-Billy the Kid

I've long wanted to try out some of the Tombstone figures from Black Scorpion and picked up this sculpt of Billy the Kid and the Outlaw pack.

I won't be painting the Outlaws until I get a better grasp of glazing different colours over fabric as I will use that technique to add interest to the dusters.

Billy the Kid stands at about 25mm and was cast in resin.

The casting was a bit rough and there were a lot of mold lines and flash on the figure. However, he has plenty of attitude.  He was painted rather quickly for me, in a single sitting. Something I rarely do. So for a speed paint, I think he's not half bad.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Counterblast/Reaper-Landing Party

Hello Fran and Dez, welcome to my super-secret, members only, private blog.

A landing party consisting of figures from Counterblast and Reaper.

From Counterblast, sculpted by Patrick Keith.

From Reaper, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

From Reaper, sculpted by Patrick Keith

From Counterblast, sculpted by Patrick Keith

Well that's it boys. Make those comments good, as they're the only ones I'm gonna get!