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Friday, July 15, 2016

Bernard, Jack and Arvid-Red Box Games

Currently I am working on a series of figures from Red Box Games and I must say that I am absolutely in love with these figures.  I prefer figures done by sculptors who have a firm grasp of human anatomy, who can lay down clean lines and create detail that is crisp and clear. Tre Manor is just such a sculptor.  Further, the casting is nearly flawless.  There is very little flash and I have yet to find discernible mold lines.  A painters dream.

From left to right is Big Bernard, Ugly Jack and Hawkeyed Arvid.

The next figure up is Tradkar who could easily be used as a tracker in Frostgrave.  I'm in the final highlighting stages and should post him next week.


  1. Both stunning and beautiful work Anne! You really have nailed highlighting and shading!

    1. I've spent hours and hours studying other peoples work and viewing tutorials.

  2. Wonderful painting and presentation as always...

  3. The colours are so vibrant yet don't overshadow the figure itself!

  4. I think I like Arvid most, I always had a thing for me archers :) Must be all the LOTR elves... I do love the sunny yellows as always!