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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Myrianna-Red Box Games, WIP3

After completing the final layer of highlights on Myrianna,  I took what will be the last test shot photo prior to basing the figure.

The decision on what colour to paint her dragon was a difficult one.  Normally I would choose to paint the dragon a subdued red.  With this figure being so small I did something a bit unusual and decided to make that dragon really pop by using a bright blue and coral palette. Whilst this may not be the most harmonious choice, it does make the dragon visible.

After looking at the pictures I can see that there are a few areas that need a little more work.  When I get to this point with a figure I set it aside for a few days and work on basecoating another figure in order to give my eyes a rest.

The next step is to sculpt the base.  Due to her diminutive size in comparison to the rest of the war band, I will have to build a base that elevates her.  Myrianna should be complete and ready to post next week.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Myrianna-Red Box Games, WIP 2

Progress on this piece was hindered due to my being out of town for several days.  Upon returning, I promptly came down with a dreadful sinus infection.  On Saturday we had a sudden storm with 60mph sheer winds which took out our power for nearly 24 hours. In the midst of all this craziness the only thing I could think was "I just want to paint my mini!"

So today for you I have only the beginnings of highlights on the figure.

Taking photo's at this stage is quite useful as it helps me to see where things need to be tweaked before I go any farther.  For instance, the shading on her face needs to be deepened, the highlights on her dress are too low and lack depth of colour.  These I will glaze down with the base colour then reclaim the highlights and bring them up several notches.  The highlights on her cape are sloppy and will be glazed down with the base colour and the highlights will then then being reclaimed and tightened up.  Also the grey trim needs quite a bit of work as I have merely sketched in the roughest of highlights. And of course the staff, the gemstone and the dragon need to be completed.

In the following photo you can see where she was at last week and where she is now.

I plan to have her completed and ready for a final test shot before weeks end.  At this time I have not made a decision on how to base her as she is to be part of a ten figure war band.  This being the case whatever base I design is one I will have to repeat nine more times, so I need to make something I can tolerate doing repeatedly.