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Monday, March 28, 2016

Myrianna-Red Box Games, WIP 1

Although I rarely post WIP's, I always take test photo's as I work through the process of painting a miniature.  However, with this figure, I am making an exception.  I would like to show my dearest of friends Dez, from The Hollywood Spy the myriad of steps we go through in bringing a figure to life.

Thus far I have only begun working into the shadows using thin glazes. The only exception is her hair, which I am making red, something I have not tried before.  My next step will be to complete the face and then begin highlighting the rest of the figure.

This is Myrianna from Red Box Games, sculpted by Tre Manor.  She is beautifully sculpted, a delicate figure with crisp detail and the casting is superb.  A gorgeous figure and a real joy to paint.

There is a tiny dragon sitting on her shoulder and I have simply inked it so I can see the detail when I go to add paint.

Myrianna will be part of my first Frostgrave Warband.  It seems that I have been bitten by the Frostgrave bug and as there is no known cure, I am giving myself over to the disease.


  1. Fantastic! Waiting for more and next steps!

  2. She is ever so lovely, dear, I especially like how you did the back of her cape! Too bad we can't see dragon well, I bed he's a charmer :) And she even has the female version of my name :) You know, Mirjana is female of Miroslav here

    1. That dragon is going to be hard to paint as he's so very tiny. I'll do my best to bring out all that detail. What amazes me is that someone actually sculpted something that small.

      Once again this is kismet dahlink as when I saw her, I first thought of you.

    2. How will you paint her staff? Is that fire burning on top of it?

    3. That is a gemstone and I shall paint it as a pink crystal.

    4. ooh, I bet it will be glittery and shiny!

  3. Really nice work Anne! I love the look of the leathern body armour.

  4. She is looking fecking good Anne!

  5. She is looking fab now, but when you finish it is going to be epic!

  6. So you're not slowing down post-Challenge then?
    ; )
    Lovely work - we're going to have to see a tutorial on your textile rendering techniques some day!

  7. I would be happy with this result as an end result, but you are saying that is just part of what has to be done! My respect and looking forward to the next steps!