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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Counterblast/Reaper-Landing Party

Hello Fran and Dez, welcome to my super-secret, members only, private blog.

A landing party consisting of figures from Counterblast and Reaper.

From Counterblast, sculpted by Patrick Keith.

From Reaper, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

From Reaper, sculpted by Patrick Keith

From Counterblast, sculpted by Patrick Keith

Well that's it boys. Make those comments good, as they're the only ones I'm gonna get!


  1. Glad to be here, where's the buffet?

    1. The only thing on the buffet is gin. I hope you're thirsty!

  2. What a cool looking bunch! Splendid work

  3. Oooh, I ever so like the blog name, dahlink! What's the story behind it? Give us the scoop!
    Honoured to be among the Free Annzons :)
    I think I like that small last guy best, such lovely yellow on him or is it her?

    1. ooh, and is me allowed to put this blog into my official public blogroll or not? :)

    2. I just think Black Swans are so elegant and I liked the way it sounded.

      I see the little bot as a he, but I don't know why.

      I want this to be a tiny little blog that doesn't get much notice. Somewhere I can post anytime I want with no worries. In real life, I'm a quiet person and I'd like to be like myself online as trying to be social is too big a strain for me.

    3. I understand, dear, you feel obliged to respond and return comments to all who visit your blog, which becomes a time consuming thing and an obligation when you have dozens and dozens of commentators. That is why I've always kept the numbers of blogs I visit limited and selected :)

    4. Ya, I'm going to do things the way you do from now on. That way I can post more often and get on with real life.

  4. Sorry to disturb you Anne, but I just found your blog here! Congrats to the new blog with a beautifull name!
    And a great first post! Really lovely painted figures!