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Monday, March 21, 2016

Defenders of the Empire-Lead Adventures Miniatures

These figures were painted as part of a Themed Bonus Round in this years Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge.  I was quite surprised to learn that I had been awarded first place for the entry.

The sculpts are from Lead Adventures Miniatures.  They are beautifully sculpted, with crisp detail and no discernible mold lines.  Further they are loaded with character and a real joy to paint.

Along with these, I purchased two other Steampunk Ladies and three rather large Steam Robots.  They are on the painting table now along with my first Frostgrave Warband and some WWII figures. 

Generally speaking I have around 10 figures that I work on simultaneously and I post things in the order in which they come off the table.  I find this method keeps me excited about picking up the brush every day.


  1. You won the first place, dear? Such delight! Pour us a whiskey to celebrate!
    Love the shiny red and you did the shading so lovely

    1. Yes and the owner of the company Lead Adventure Miniatures asked if he could feature my work on the company FB page. Moi is so happy!

    2. that is such a big thing! You're a painting star, dahlink :)

    3. In the painting world I is still one of the little peoples, but he recognition is certainly nice.

      I shall begin posting the little female in your honour next week.

  2. Fantastic like always Anne! Colurs are pure magic!

  3. Fantastic like always Anne! Colurs are pure magic!

  4. You have a total other way of painting figures as I do. When I have ten things on my workbench I never get something finished. Two or three things are the maximum for me!
    LOvely and unusual figures but excellent painted!