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Monday, May 15, 2017

Barbarian Male and Female

Since skin has always been a bit of a challenge for me, I thought I would do two figures that forced me to work on this issue.

To that end I have painted two barbarian figures. The male is from Red Box Games, sculpted by Tre Manor.  The other figure is a female from Bombshell Babes, sculpted by Patrick Keith.

To produce the skin tones I used a mixture of the Reaper Olive Skin triad.  For the shading I added purple to the midtone. To produce the highlights, I used increasing amounts of yellow.


  1. What a splendid couple! Great painting and basing as always Anne...

  2. wouldn't wanna wake up next to his smile for sure!
    Lovely job! Did you broke your ankle wielding that spiked bat?

    1. No dahlink, I broke it during the Gardening Olympics of 2017. Me was going for the Gold, when I tripped. Sadly I couldn't even limp across the finish line :0)

    2. OMG did you have to crawl all the way back to the house on all fours, or did Fang have to drag you by the collar? Jeepers creepers, I can imagine the freakinfeking pain! Dahlink, do you have any bone in you now that was never broken?

  3. Anne, these are splendid (as usual!). Lovely work!

  4. Super job. I'm not totally sure what she is using for a weapon, but I hate to be hit by that thing!

  5. I know you won't see it, but just dropping by to wish you a happy Birthday! Hope you're still alive!

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